AlpenKraft® «ZugSpitze» shower head: efficiency, durability and purity

A relaxing shower experience can not only be refreshing, but also have a positive impact on our environment. The AlpenKraft® "ZugSpitze" shower head is an innovative product that not only impresses with its functions, but also makes a sustainable contribution.

Efficiency is a crucial factor when it comes to water consumption. With the AlpenKraft® "ZugSpitze" shower head, you can save up to 40% water without sacrificing powerful jet performance. Tiny micro-holes in the metal plate reduce water flow while increasing water pressure by up to 200%. Tests have shown that water consumption can even be reduced by 50% in economy mode.

But efficiency alone is not enough. Durability is another important consideration. The AlpenKraft® "ZugSpitze" shower head is made of high-quality stainless steel (AISI 304), which is not only robust, but also meets all strict guidelines. A special hardening process ensures that the shower head has an unlimited service life. This means that you not only save water but also resources as the shower head does not have to be replaced as quickly.

Cleanliness also plays a major role for an optimal shower experience. The AlpenKraft® "ZugSpitze" shower head is equipped with activated carbon and zeolite beads that clean and filter the water. These mineral stones have antibacterial, mineralizing and pH-neutral properties. They help break down a large part of the lime through the ion exchange process, making the water softer and more skin-friendly.

Three jet types offer a wide range of options for customizing the shower experience. The jet mode is ideal for gently rinsing daily stresses from the skin and thoroughly removing shampoo residue. In rain mode, the shower turns into a tropical drizzle that is gentle and gentle on the skin. The massage mode combines both jet types and is perfect for daily showering and skin care.

In addition to the functional advantages of the AlpenKraft® "ZugSpitze" shower head, the production method also contributes to sustainability. Production takes place in Germany, which reduces the CO2 footprint and shortens transport routes.

With the AlpenKraft® «ZugSpitze» shower head, you bring efficiency, durability and cleanliness to your bathroom. You save water, conserve resources and enjoy a shower experience that pampers your skin and the environment in equal measure.

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AlpenKraft ZugSpitze