Is the AlpenKraft® shower head suitable for hotels or commercial use?

Dear hoteliers,

We are pleased to introduce the AlpenKraft® shower head - the ideal choice for hotels and commercial establishments. Specially designed for use in commercial settings, the AlpenKraft® water-saving shower head meets all the requirements that will delight you and your guests.

The three most important reasons why you should switch to our economy shower head:

  1. Resilience thanks to high-quality materials: the AlpenKraft® shower head impresses with its durability. The lens and attachments are made of high-quality stainless steel (AISI 304), which means that it retains its quality over a long period of time, even with intensive use.

  2. Water and energy saving: Thanks to the tiny micro-holes in our metal plate, water consumption is significantly reduced. Independent tests have shown that water consumption is reduced by up to 50% with our economy shower head - even by up to 60% in economy mode. This not only protects the environment, but also your operating costs.

  3. High pressure for a unique shower experience: The water is shot through the metal plate at high speed through precision lasered micro-holes, resulting in up to 200% higher water pressure in the shower head system.

The AlpenKraft® shower head experience for your hotel customers is optimized with the following features:

    Spa experience thanks to the filter function and three jet types
    1. The handle contains two chambers with zeolite and activated carbon beads. These laboratory-tested mineral stones have antibacterial, mineralizing and pH-neutral properties. They break down a large part of the limescale into its chemical components through the ion exchange process, which leads to a sustainable and pleasant shower experience and reduces the cleaning effort of the shower

    2. Three jet types: Our shower head offers three different jet types that adapt perfectly to the needs of your guests:
    • Jet: A powerful stream that washes away daily stresses and is gentle on the skin. Water consumption is less than 6 liters per minute.
    • Rain: With enough pressure, this mode feels like a tropical drizzle - super soft and kind to the skin.
    • Massage: A combination of both jets, ideal for daily showering and skin care.

    Make your guests' shower experience unforgettable and offer them the best with the AlpenKraft® shower head. We also offer individual solutions, e.g. with your company logo. If you would like more information or are interested, please contact us at .

    We look forward to helping you and offering your guests a unique showering experience.

    Kind regards, your AlpenKraft Switzerland team

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