Pflege Anleitung und Filterperlen-Tausch AlpenKraft Schweiz

Care instructions and filter bead replacement

Fast cleaning without removing the pane

Instructions for cleaning the AlpenKraft ZugSpitze with the 4in1 bowl

Use the enclosed 4in1 bowl to quickly and easily clean the pane without removing it.

Follow these steps:

1. Separate the head from the handle by loosening the bayonet lock.

2. Drain the water from the head.

3. Pour vinegar (or other cleaner) into the bowl to cover the logo.

4. Slowly push the head into the bowl.

5. The vinegar gets inside.

6. Leave the vinegar on for a few hours and turn the head back onto the handle.

If you ever need to change the disc, use the 4in1 bowl to easily unscrew the large stainless steel ring.

The innovative bayonet lock makes it child's play, without tools in just a few steps

Easy changing of the filter beads for your AlpenKraft ZugSpitze

You don't need any tools to change the beads. Just follow these steps:

1. Separate the head from the handle using the bayonet lock.

2. Remove the small gray screens from the head and handle.

3. Empty the old beads and fill in the new ones.

4. Reinstall the screens.

5. Reconnect the head to the handle.

Please make sure that the bayonet lock is twisted well and the connection is tight.

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