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AlpenKraft® «ZugSpitze» shower head

AlpenKraft® «ZugSpitze» shower head

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The AlpenKraft ZugSpitze combines quality, design and efficiency in a special way.

Quality you can feel

✔ 5 year guarantee
✔ With stainless steel rings
✔ Complies with all legal criteria
✔ Filled with filter beads
✔ 4 in 1 bowl

Buy more — save more!

2 shower heads — CHF 170.- (CHF 85.- each)

3 shower heads — CHF 225.- (CHF 75.- each)

Less water consumption

The tiny micro-holes in our metal plate reduce the water flow, but ensure a powerful jet performance. Tests show that water consumption drops by up to 40%, and even by 50% in economy mode.

high pressure

Micro-holes cut with precision laser increase the pressure felt and allow the water to shoot through the metal plate at high speed. The light atomization creates a tropical rain shower feeling.


The main parts of the shower are made of sustainable, stable materials. We use high quality stainless steel (AISI 304) unlike others on the market. A special hardening process ensures the unlimited service life of our AlpenKraft® ZugSpitze. With the production in Germany we reduce the CO2 footprint.

Filter function:

The handle contains two chambers with zeolite and activated carbon beads. These laboratory-tested mineral stones have antibacterial, mineralizing and pH-neutral properties. They split a large part of the lime into its chemical components through the ion exchange process.

Three jet types:

Jet A powerful jet that washes away daily stresses and is gentle on the skin. Shampoo residue is thoroughly removed and water consumption is less than 6 liters per minute.
Rain With enough pressure, this mode feels like a tropical drizzle - super soft and gentle on the skin.
Massage A combination of both jets, ideal for daily showering and skin care.

Discover the AlpenKraft® ZugSpitze shower head – the ultimate shower experience for discerning customers. Thanks to the innovative technology, your daily shower becomes a real pleasure for body and mind. The secret lies in the tiny micro-holes in the specially designed metal plate, which reduce water flow while still ensuring powerful jet performance. Compared to conventional shower heads, water consumption is reduced by up to 40% - in economy mode even by 50%. The pressure of the water is increased by precision lasered micro-holes, causing it to shoot through the metal plate at high speed. This light mist creates a delightfully tropical rain shower sensation that will indulge your senses. Our AlpenKraft ZugSpitze shower head is made of high quality stainless steel (AISI 304) - unlike other products on the market. This sustainable and stable material ensures an unlimited lifespan. With our production in Germany, we actively contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint. The handle of the shower head houses two chambers with zeolite and activated carbon beads. These laboratory-tested mineral stones have antibacterial, mineralizing and pH-neutral properties. They break down a large part of the limescale using the ion exchange process, which means that the shower is always free of limescale deposits. The AlpenKraft ZugSpitze shower head offers you three different spray modes that meet your individual needs. The jet mode gently rinses daily stresses from the skin and thoroughly removes shampoo residue, while the water consumption is under 6 liters per minute. For a unique and pleasant shower experience, we recommend the rain mode. With sufficient water pressure, you will feel as if you are under a tropical drizzle - incredibly gentle and soothing for the skin. If you want a combination of both jets, massage mode is the ideal choice. It is perfect for your daily shower and at the same time supports the care of your skin. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and wellness with the AlpenKraft ZugSpitze shower head. Experience the perfect interplay of water pressure, energy efficiency and quality - for an incomparable shower experience that you can enjoy anew every day. Includes: shower head, six-month supply of zeolite carbon filter beads, soap dish, soap dish storage bag. Spare parts: filter beads and hose

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