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AlpenKraft® filter mix set of 2

AlpenKraft® filter mix set of 2

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Transform your daily shower into a pampering experience with Alpenkraft zeolite activated carbon filter beads. These filter beads, specially developed for the ZugSpitz shower head, offer a multitude of advantages for your showering experience. Thanks to their antibacterial properties, they purify the water, while their mineralizing action adds important nutrients to the water. The pH-neutral filter mix ensures an optimal balance and helps to protect your hair from dryness and your skin from irritation. Simply pour into the shower head and enjoy the clean, healthy and revitalizing water. Order today and turn your shower into a wellness moment! Note: The filter beads should be checked and replaced regularly to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness. Contents: 10g activated carbon beads, 50g zeolite beads. Stock enough for about 1 year.
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