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AlpenKraft® stone mat set of 2

AlpenKraft® stone mat set of 2

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With our AlpenKraft® kieselguhr stone mat, you can be sure that your bathroom is not only safe, but also stays hygienically clean. You also save time and energy when cleaning. Don't hesitate, make your bathroom even safer and more hygienic today with the AlpenKraft® kieselguhr stone mat!

Safety and comfort in the bathroom: The AlpenKraft® kieselguhr stone mat - your solution for slippery and difficult-to-clean bathroom floors!

Ever felt like your bathroom floor is too slippery and a risk of injury? Or have you ever worried that you have to spend a lot of time and energy to keep the floor clean? We have the solution for you! With the AlpenKraft® kieselguhr stone mat you can finally forget these problems.

Here are the 3 main problems our stone mat solves:

✔️ Danger of slipping in the bathroom

✔️ Tedious cleaning

✔️ Dirty bathroom

Here are 3 features that our stone mat offers:

✔️ Super absorbent diatomaceous earth

✔️ Resists germs and lasts for years

✔️ Quick drying porous surface

And here are 3 benefits you can expect from our stone mat:

✔️ Non-slip design for safety

✔️ Soft and breathable for a comfortable foot feel

✔️ Minimal maintenance for more comfort

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